Songs of My Nights [Fl-Pno]
David Maslanka

Songs of My Nights

for Flute and Piano
15 min.   •   
Performing Score v2 + Solo Part (from Score v2), Performing Score v2, Flute

Songs of My Nights is a set of brief, interior songs. Each is a revisiting of older music – two songs of my own from 1975 (“December 11” Anne Sexton Songs) and 1996 (“I am Smeared with the Tar of Night” Black Dog Songs), and a madrigal from 1605 by Claudio Monteverdi (“T’amo, mia vita”) – and each has been recomposed to make this music for flute and piano. I have reworked the madrigal the most extensively, although great care has been taken to maintain the language and character of the original. The titles Echo and Shadow and “…and what about the heart, counting alone, out loud…” are from poems by Li-Young-Lee.

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Songs of My Nights [Fl-Pno]

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