Duo [Fl-Pno]
David Maslanka


for Flute and Piano
20 min.   •   
   •   Grade 6

The Duo is in six episodes, played continuously. The episodes are entitled:

  1. A mystery
  2. An interlude
  3. A sore point, or a touchy question, or the unanswered question put yet another way
  4. A mystery
  5. A fanfare
  6. A mystery

The opening and closing “mysteries” are coloristic/impressionistic in character. The “interlude” for piano solo reflects my interest in the melody-spinning capacity of J.S.Bach in a piece such as the middle movement of the Italian Concerto, although this “interlude” is quite modern. The core of the piece is “a sore point…” This movement is an extended technical “monsterpiece” for both players. The following quiet mystery is deeply reflective , and the brief “fanfare” introduces the final episode.

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