A Labor of Love:
The Maslanka Saxophone Sonata V2

The new edition of the Maslanka Sonata for Alto Saxophone is here! Learn about how we refined and elevated this classic work.

Time Stream returns after 22 years

We are pleased to announce the release of Dr. Brian Zator’s wonderful arrangement of Time Stream. David Maslanka wrote the work in 2002 for steel drums. Now brought to percussion ensemble, it allows a wider range of performers to experience this beautiful music.

Kevin Krumenauer is our first new composer

Kevin writes music with his whole heart. His works have a continuous flow to them, an unfolding meditation on the immediate moment. As a longtime student of David Maslanka, his musical language will be familiar, but his voice is all his own.

Over the next year, we’ll be publishing his entire catalog. Get to know his music with our first releases: three wonderful works for wind ensemble.

The Water is Wide is good music for young band
The strict limitations of beginning band make it difficult to write for. Kevin took on the challenge and made a beautifully emotional and affecting work.
This is Our Joyful Hour is a lifeline in dark times
This music saved Kevin's life. As he was struggling through a traumatic period, writing this piece helped him hold on to hope.
In a Twinkling is playful and sparkling with a cheeky secret
Comfortably playable for an average high school group, In a Twinkling brings a brilliant energy. The hidden melody is fun to discover!