Illumination is your new favorite opener.
In 5 minutes, Illumination captures the essence of David Maslanka's music: focus and excitement with gorgeous melody and a stunning climax. Approachable by younger groups.
First Light brings energy and sparkle.
A grim opening quickly gives way to brilliant figuration and forward drive. Great for a solid high school wind ensemble.
The Seeker is a bite-size symphony.
It's much simpler to program a symphony when it's 10 minutes rather than 75. The Seeker has extraordinary emotional and spiritual depth in a compact, accessible work.
Symphony No. 9 is an astonishing masterwork.
This is the last large-scale work that David completed and gives a tantalizing glimpse of his next stage of composition. It is a patient and deliberate meditation on being. The work is of truly overwhelming scale and import and a worthy capstone achievement for any director.