Goldberg Variations [Sax 4tet arr]
J.S. Bach
arr. David Maslanka

Aria with 30 Variations

(Goldberg Variations)

arr. for Saxophone Quartet
1 hr., 10 min.   •   
1741 arr. 2010
   •   Grade 6

I have done a straight transcription of the entire Goldberg Variations following the keyboard edition of Hans Bischoff (Kalmus). All ornamentation has been carefully written out, and I have raised the key to A-flat from the original G to make more congenial fingerings for saxophones. The effect of “opening up” the original keyboard texture to four saxophone voices is startling and quite good. Goldberg Variations is a lot of music, and the requirement to learn it all, and then shape a performance, is daunting. However, this is some of the best music by a great composer, and every bit of effort toward mastering it will be repaid a thousand fold.

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