And I am a child [Fl-Pno]
David Maslanka

...and I am a child before there are words ...

Six Songs

for Flute and Piano
37 min.   •   
   •   Grade 6

The six “songs” of this set take their inspiration from lines of poetry by the American poet W.S. Merwin.

  1. “…and the unbroken sound of pure darkness…”
  2. “…from her hands a scent of almonds rises…”
  3. “the dead are not separate from the living”
  4. “…where the rooms of the ark are already known…”
  5. “…and I am a child before there are words…”
  6. “Let me imagine that we will come again when we want to and it will be spring”

Each piece is an evocation of a very interior mood. The music is not technically difficult, yet good performance demands continuous concentrated attention.

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