Sonata for Alto Saxophone [ASx-Pno] – V2 Engraved
David Maslanka


for Alto Saxophone and Piano
32 min.   •   
   •   Grade 6
Product Type: V2 Engraved

After thirty-five years, we are proud to present Version 2 of David Maslanka’s Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano. This edition brings a fresh perspective to a classic masterpiece. With updated notation and beautiful new engraving, this edition offers both visual and practical enhancements for performers. The addition of a thoughtful forward and comprehensive performance guide, crafted by Lawrence University’s Steven Jordheim, provides invaluable insights into the work’s depth and intricacies.

This edition also features carefully considered suggestions in the score, reflecting Jordheim’s expertise and dedication to refining Maslanka’s vision. Furthermore, performers will benefit from suggested altissimo fingerings provided by Steve and Japanese virtuoso Masato Kumoi, adding clarity and accessibility to the challenging extreme-range passages.

Among the array of improvements, one of the most practical enhancements is the introduction of doable page turns in the third movement, addressing a long-standing challenge for performers. This collection of small yet significant changes is designed to enrich the performance experience, ensuring that this edition of Maslanka’s Sonata for Alto Saxophone stands as the definitive version for contemporary musicians.

The sonata is in three large movements. The first is lyrical and reflective, with sudden energetic bursts. The song-like and soulful second movement is a broad soliloquy with its roots in the expressive madrigal style of the sixteenth century. The third is a large rondo that is at times fierce, mournful, playful, and turbulent, and at the end, ethereal.

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