Seeker [Wind Ens] – Sets
David Maslanka

The Seeker

A Symphonic Movement

for Wind Ensemble
10 min.   •   
   •   Grade 5
Product Type: Sets

The Seeker is subtitled “a symphonic movement.” It opens with a slow melody that feels like an Appalachian folk song. It transitions suddenly and sharply into the main body of the work, an energetic and exuberant romp at a very speedy tempo. The opening melody returns in the context of a chorale, my recomposition of “Christe, der du bist der Tag und Licht” (Christ, you who are day and light) from the 371 four-part chorales of Bach. The movement concludes with a partial recap of the fast music, and a very brief coda.

His humor is displayed throughout The Seeker.


I hope to someday compose music that affects others as deeply as The Seeker.

Matt Tignor

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