O Earth O Stars [Fl-Vc-Wind Ens] – Sets
David Maslanka

O Earth, O Stars

for Flute, Violoncello, and Wind Ensemble
40 min.   •   
   •   Grade 6
Product Type: Sets

O Earth, O Stars is a double concerto for flute and cello. The music can stand on its own without any programmatic references, but I am strongly drawn to certain images and depths that are touched when the music relates to these images. Over the years I have been especially concerned with music that has grown out of the old Chorale melodies. The connections made between image or idea and music are complex. They resonate deeply and are not confined to a single set of interpretations. The six movements of this concerto, with chorales on either end, and one in the middle, give the impression of a Baroque cantata. The story being told is one you find for yourself.

I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to perform your deeply profound and moving work. I feel that I was extremely fortunate to have such an experience and it is one that I will always remember and cherish. There are no contrivances, no gimmicks or manipulative devices, just utter devotion and service to the spiritual voice of the music. This is the way I feel about O Earth, O Stars.

Paul York, University of Louisville

What a beautiful piece.

Kevin Sedatole, Michigan State University

An attractive and well-written work.


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