Hosannas [Wind Ens] – Sets
David Maslanka


for Wind Ensemble
30 min.   •   
   •   Grade 6
Product Type: Sets

Hosanna – a shout of praise.

The psychologist Carl Jung has described the first half of life as devoted to the establishment of self and of place in the world, and the second half as the journey towards God. Once past the age of 70, which Gary and I both are, this focus becomes intent. With it comes an attitude of surprise, acceptance and praise – the shout of praise – for all that is. Everything is divine, and it is our clear, sharp intention to bring this understanding to the generations coming up behind us. It is my pleasure and honor to offer this music to my friend, Gary Green, as he moves onward in his music making, teaching, and mentoring – his service to the world.

This music shows once again my long-time engagement with J.S. Bach’s 371 Four-Part Chorales. I have been singing these pieces almost daily for nearly 25 years, and composing my own chorales in the old style. The practice has become an ever deepening meditative prayer. The melodies and titles are certainly Christian in origin, yet I have come to see and feel them as a deep expression of a common humanity, transcending origin and label. Their attitudes in this composition are centered and quiet, opening the space for self reflection and the voice of praise.

I wanted to not only thank you for writing some of the most interesting and challenging low brass parts that I have come across in my playing, but also to commend you for composing quite the amount of music that is all so inspired and spiritual. While practicing the bass trombone parts for Hosannas and your 7th Symphony, I found that I not only needed to, but was excited to spend just as much time and care on those licks as I did for my orchestral excerpts. It is so refreshing to see a composer who is willing and more than able to write such beautiful, virtuosic, and mindful music for every single voice of an ensemble.

Patrick Crider

I heard Hosannas at Gary Green’s retirement concert and Concerto for Piano No. 3 at CBDNA this year and they were both fabulous!

Phillip Clements, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Every time I hear or think about the chorale in Mvt. 5 of Hosannas my soul is changed…

Brenton Alston, Florida International University

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