Concerto 3 for Piano [Pno-Wind Ens] – Sets
David Maslanka

Concerto No. 3

for Piano and Wind Ensemble
("Do You Know My Name?")
17 min.   •   
   •   Grade 6
Product Type: Sets

The opening of Concerto No. 3 is devoted to the exposition of a Bach Chorale melody, “Als vierzig Tag’ nach Ostern” (“Forty Days After Easter”). Some years ago I used this melody as the basis for a movement of another piece, This is the World, for two pianos and two percussionists. The essence of the movement is solo piano with vibraphone. It is an extremely inward and beautiful movement. I gave it the title, “Do You Know My Name?,” the implication being, “do you truly know who I am; do you see my soul?” I used the end of this movement as the end of this new concerto.

I heard Hosannas at Gary Green’s retirement concert and Concerto for Piano No. 3 at CBDNA this year and they were both fabulous!

Phillip Clements, Texas A&M University-Commerce

…stunningly beautiful…

Stephen Steele, Illinois State University

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